Many networks, computers, entertainment systems, and telephone system installations were not planned out - they just "happened" over a period of time. When you find yourself in this situation, with an un-manageable tangle of cables and equipment underfoot or balanced precariously, it's time to call in the professionals - Before disaster strikes.

Network Evaluation's Cleanup procedure includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Cables Identified and Labeled
  • Cables "shortened" to the correct length
  • Cables bundled and mounted in a safe manner
  • Equipment mounted on racks or shelving in a secure manner
  • Removal of un-used cabling
  • Re-termination of Ethernet and Coaxial cabling where required
  • Re-punching of telephone and network cabling (600 & 110 block terminations)
  • Testing and balancing of electrical circuits for safe load limits*
  • Hiding cabling to improve overall appearance
  • Cables traced from endpoint to endpoint to "map" out cable plants, and labelled

The upper 4 photographs were taken in a master bedroom closet where all "entertainment" and network wiring was located. What cannot be seen in the photograph is that 1 1/2" conduits were installed to hold the existing wiring. They go up into the attic, and down below into the crawl space under the house.

Before and After photographs best demonstrate the dramatic differences available. The first pairs of photos below were taken in two different home offices. The third pair is of a home entertainment center.


* Network Evaluation is not an electrical contractor and will only rearrange "plug-in" equipment to different existing circuits to bring loads down to acceptable levels (80% or less of circuit breaker capacity). If additional circuits are required, a licensed electrical contractor must perform this work with permits as appropriate for the local community.

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