Network Evaluation has the tools and expertise to quickly identify and solve problems associated with name servers. The table below lists some common problems which we can help you with. We work with Microsoft Windows DNS, Cisco Network Registrar, Unix/Linux BIND, and others.

  • Ensuring Enterprise-wide Consistency & Availability
  • Resolving Forward and Reverse Address Lookup Consistency
  • Resolving  and Correcting Alias (CNAME) "chains"
  • Zone Transfer Authorization & Control
  • Configuration of Authoritative and Non-Authoritative Servers
  • Zone Delegation (Single or Multiple levels, Authoritative or sub-zones)
  • Resolution of MX (Mail Exchange) records
  • Name Server identification and zone inventory
  • Tracking down inconsistent name resolution across multiple servers
  • Version control & consistency across an enterprise or the Internet
  • Maintaining Separate Internal and External Name Servers
  • Resolving Lame Delegation
  • Other Name Server issues

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We can assist you in designing a more robust name architecture for ease of maintenance, and in building a DNS structure to work more effectively with Active Directory.

Our services for DNS, although closely related technically, fall into three groups from a management perspective:

Auditing - Auditing informs you of the actual state of affairs from an unbiased point of view, according to established standards. This can also serve as a "sanity-check" of requested or planned projects. This can be performed for inside (behind the firewall) and outside (visible to the Internet) name servers, as desired. These are performed under contract for a proposed, fixed price.

Troubleshooting - Given a problem, we will work with your staff (remotely, or on site) and will go through the steps necessary to identify the root cause and correct the situation. If desired, we can do this in conjunction with your staff to train them in troubleshooting techniques. These services are billed on an hourly basis.

Coaching & Training - Often, your staff already understands the fundamentals of running a name server, and simply needs assistance with policies, practices, and architecture in order to perform the job themselves. We will provide this on-site or remotely as best fits your needs. These services can be performed as formal, fixed price training sessions (plus travel expenses if necessary), or billed hourly, depending on the need.

Network Evaluation may also make or prescribe the necessary changes, at your option, and prescribe the purchase of additional hardware or software as required. If requested, Network Evaluation will install and configure those items for seamless operation within your environment.

Note: All external auditing activities will require verifiable, written permission and/or proof of ownership for the target organization, and a formal signed contract. This is required to protect both the audit's target and Network Evaluation.

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