Network Evaluation has the tools and expertise to set up and tune your home network for secure, efficient operation. Here is a summary of some of the services available:

  • Removing "difficult-to-remove" spyware - without loss of data or configuration
  • Parental Control - placing scheduled Internet limits for kid's computers
  • Setup and configuration of full home networking
  • Secure configuration of wireless equipment
  • Computer "tune-up" package (spyware, anti-virus, defrag)
  • Advanced (business-style) configuration, design and set-up

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Do-It-Yourself Spyware Removal - Network Evaluation offers free step-by-step guides for downloading, installing, and running Spybot Search & Destroy. The instructions are in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). (How to Download and Install "Spybot Search and Destroy") and (How to use "Spybot Search and Destroy")

Service Details

Spyware Removal - Network Evaluation can remove (clean up) even the most difficult to remove spyware without the necessity of reinstalling the operating system, or your installed applications.

Parental Control - Network Evaluation can configure most brands of broadband routers and firewalls to place scheduled time restrictions and other limits on your children's computers, without affecting the parent's computers. Brands include (but are not limited to) 3Com, Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Apple, SonicWall, WebRamp, etc. Specific features and functions may depend on the brand and model already in place.

Home Network Setup - Network Evaluation can analyze, specify and install the necessary equipment to meet your unique home networking requirements, and protect your systems from external threats.

Wireless Security - Don't give your neighbors or strangers a free ride on your broadband connection. Network Evaluation will configure your wireless equipment for maximum possible security and privacy.

Tune-Up - Fix all the little things! Network Evaluation can perform a complete spyware, anti-virus, defragmentation, paging file, and cooling efficiency cleanup.

Advanced Home Services - Serious, business-style networking can be easily set up for homes with multiple family computers, home-based businesses, multiple broadband connections, etc.

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