Network Evaluation has the facilities and resources to monitor the state of your network from many different points of view, and to take action depending on the nature of the event, which might include fixing the problem directly, or advising you by email, telephone or pager depending on your wants and needs.

Types of Monitoring:

  • General Traffic Monitoring - Network Evaluation will attach a secured, dedicated system to your network, to troubleshoot problems on request.
  • Spyware Monitoring & Reporting - Automated email notification of spyware activity on your network
  • Network Management Monitoring - Get Real-Time performance and availability measurements for all your network equipment.
  • Network Intrusion Detection - Monitor your network for signs of inappropriate activity. This is customized to meet your needs.
  • Network Traffic Profiling - Find out what types of traffic are normal and abnormal on your network
  • Focused System Monitoring - Get automated email reports on particular aspects of your system
  • Total Monitoring Package - Get up/down status, errors, traffic throughput, etc. visually

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Network Management Monitoring - Network Evaluation will attach a secured, dedicated system to the inside of your network, which will monitor your key equipment for problems.

Case History: One customer had literally hundreds of printers nationwide, and problems in keeping track of the inventory, and maintenance contracts.
Solution: Each printer was set up to report all of its errors to a central system, and a weekly report of the systems experiencing above-normal paper jams (a known indicator of problems) was emailed to the help desk. This enabled a technician to be dispatched before the printer completely broke down, often reducing the severity of the problem, keeping the printer available for use, and allowing for scheduled appointments, as opposed to emergency calls, which lowered operating costs for the customer.

Network Intrusion Detection - Network Evaluation will attach a secured dedicated system to the inside of your network, which will specifically watch for known "signatures" or signs of intrusion, worms, attacks compromises, and other known nuisances that can be identified by the general pattern of traffic. Network Evaluation can set up and monitor these data, to help bring your business into compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, Network Evaluation can also use the same installation(s) to detect "uncharacteristic" traffic. That is, traffic that fails to match the typical pattern that reflects "business as usual" on your network.

Background: With the existence of Federal regulations such as COPPA (Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act), FERPA (Federal Education Right to Privacy Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), increasing use of the ANSI 33 standards for data security in general by governmental and private organizations, the Sarbanes-Oxley act (SOX), and the California State Data Privacy Law (SB 1386), Intrusion Detection has become major obstacle for small to medium businesses due to the expense and expertise required to set up, monitor and interpret the data gathered. Network Evaluation will set this up and provide automated reports.

Firewall Log Monitoring - Network Evaluation will either install a dedicated system, or reconfigure your Internet Firewall to report all log entries to a monitoring system for automated analysis and reporting.

Case History: One customer was experiencing an infection of the Blaster Virus/Worm.
Solution: Set up a special monitoring application (5 minutes work) to report on each instance of an attack, and summarize the results so that a technician could be dispatched to the right location to clean the affected system immediately.

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