Network Evaluation recommends that most users install and use one of the top-rated anti-spyware utilities on a regular basis to keep their systems running well. We have tested Ad-Aware SE Pro, Pest Patrol, CounterSpy and Webroot Spy Sweeper, and found them all effective. To find these products, just perform a web search with your favorite search engine. Network Evaluation has no affiliation with any of these products. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

With the advent of more sophisticated spyware - especially where identity theft and other types of organized crime may be concerned, some spyware has been designed to be difficult to remove.

Network Evaluation will clean all spyware off your computers and include a 30 day followup for one low price.

Group (Office) cleanups can be performed at a lower per-system price than individual systems.

For more information regarding our spyware cleanup services, please Contact Us

 Do-It-Yourself Spyware Removal - Network Evaluation also offers free step-by-step guides for downloading, installing, and running Spybot Search & Destroy. The instructions are in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). (How to Download and Install "Spybot Search and Destroy") and (How to use "Spybot Search and Destroy")

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