Network Evaluation offers a full system cleanup for the flat price of $150. Here is what you get:

  • Removal of all dust buildup - This extends computer life by preventing overheating
  • Full image backup of your hard drive (kept for 30 days to allow recovery in case of problems)
  • Full file system integrity check (CHKDSK)
  • Full Virus Scan with Norton Anti-Virus
  • Hard disk defragmention with Diskeeper (Better than the built-in Windows tool)
  • Full Spyware scan with Computer Associates Anti-Spyware tool (Performed remotely)
  • Installation and scan with Safer Networking's Spybot Search & Destroy (On your machine)
  • Removal of all Temporary Files - More thorough than CCleaner or Windows File Cleanup
  • Analysis of hardware looking for points of failure (hard disks, CD/DVD-ROM, cooling fans, etc.)
  • Updates on all Microsoft, and Installed Anti-Virus products
  • 30 Day followup included at no additional charge

What is not included in the flat rate price?

  • Replacement hardware (Hard Drives, CD/DVD-ROM Drives, Fans, Power Supplies, etc.)
  • Memory Expansion
  • Re-Installation of the Operating System and Application programs
  • Data Recovery from failed Hard Drives

How does the flat-rate price work?

  • You must bring the computer here and leave it
  • The work is done as fill-in between other tasks
  • There is no guarantee of exactly how long the job will take
  • The trade-off is our flexibility vs. your fixed, predictable price.
  • Note: If the cleanup is time critical, it can be done at hourly rates.

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