*New* Computer Evaluation & Cleanup - We will perform a guaranteed clean-up of all spyware, viruses, disk problems, fragmentation, dust buildup, and other pests on your system, and include a 30 Day followup to keep your system clean. If you are interested in doing the job yourself, we recommend Ad-Aware SE (Personal Edition), Spybot Search & Destroy both of which are free. If you want a more comprehensive product, we recommend Ad-Aware SE Pro, Pest Patrol, CounterSpy and Webroot Spy Sweeper. To find these products, just perform a web search with your favorite search engine. Network Evaluation has no affiliation with any of these products. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

*New* Cable Management & Cleanup - All cabling in the designated site is identified, labeled, set to the correct length, bundled, wall or fixture mounted, and where possible hidden from view. We can clean up computer, network, entertainment system, and telephone wiring.

*New* Computer Furnishings - We can design and build, or adapt furnishings to allow you to make better use of available space, minimize noise, or make your computer or network equipment blend in with your environment appropriately. This page includes photographs and descriptions of furnishings we have provided for our customers.

Troubleshooting - Network Evaluation will track down the root causes of operational and performance problems, fix the problem, or recommend an appropriate specific solution.

Auditing - Network Evaluation will perform an extensive series of tests on your network and interview your operations staff to discover vulnerabilities and trouble spots. We provide a thorough report detailing the results.

Monitoring - Network Evaluation will install specialized equipment to monitor your network for signs of trouble, and provide automatic reports and notifications as appropriate.

DNS Services - Network Evaluation has the capabilities to audit, troubleshoot and train your staff in the proper operation of a name service.

Parental Controls - Network Evaluation can configure most broadband routers so that parents can use their computer to surf the web at will, while the children's computer(s) are limited in both time and range. If your router is not capable of such configuration, we will prescribe a brand and model that meets your needs.

Design, Analysis and Installation - Network Evaluation will analyze, identify, configure and prescribe products as appropriate, to enhance your current services; keep your network operating with maximum reliability, and minimum hands-on time.Hardening - Network Evaluation will provide guidance, configure or audit your systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux, etc.) for attack resistance, according to the Gold Standards developed by the Center for Internet Security (

Other Services - Network Evaluation provides general consultation for network design, name services (DNS), network management, access control, and other related network system matters.


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